A Woman of Integrity

Finding herself to be on the wrong side of fifty for a female film star, Laura Scott's career is on the slide. She has an opportunity to reverse this downward spiral when she is offered the starring role in a one-woman play about the life and loves of Hollywood silent screen actress turned pioneering pilot, Georgie Hepburn. Laura jumps at the chance for Georgie is someone she has admired for her courage and integrity ever since she was a child. But as Laura discovers more about Georgie, she realises there is always a price to pay for integrity - in her own life as well as Georgie's



The Land Agent

Palestine 1920s. Working as a land agent for one of the world's richest men, Lev Sela stumbles upon a strategic area of land close to the River Jordan that doesn't exist on any map. The resultant struggle for ownership involves the Jews, the Arabs, the Zionists, the British administration, a Russian engineer with ambitions to build a hydro-electric power station and the tribe of Bedouin actually living there. Lev's own role also draws him into a relationship with Celia Kahn, a beautiful Scottish pioneer living on a nearby kibbutz that desperately needs the land for access to the river.


An Exquisite Sense of What is Beautiful

An eminent British writer returns to the resort hotel in the Japanese mountains where he once spent a beautiful snowed-in winter. It was there he fell in love and wrote his best-selling novel, The Waterwheel, accusing America of being in denial about the horrific aftermath of the Tokyo firebombings and the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As we learn more about his earlier life, however - as a student in Bloomsbury, involved with a famous American painter - we realise that he too is in denial, trying to escape past events that are now rapidly catching up with him.


The Liberation of Celia Kahn

Glasgow 1915.  Set against the background of rent strikes, anti-war sentiment and a revolution brewing in Russia, a young Jewish woman from the Gorbals gains her first taste for protest and female solidarity.  Her political sensibilities are fired up even further by a traumatic event in her own life that leads her on a campaign to better the lives of women in the city. But distraction from her personal crusade comes with a love affair exposing her to the prospect of a new life in communal settlements taking  root in British-mandate Palestine.  This novel is not only about a young woman trying to find her way in the world of men, but also the story of a new world for women opened up by socialism and contraception.


The Credit Draper

In 1911, eleven-year-old Avram Escovitz is shipped off by his mother to Scotland to escape conscription into the Russian army. He is brought up by the Kahn family in the tightly-knit Jewish community in the Glasgow Gorbals where he discovers he has a talent for playing football. He dreams of turning out for Glasgow Celtic but war intervenes. Avram is sent to work with his adopted uncle, the Orthodox Jew, Mendel Cohen, as a credit draper, peddling goods on credit to the crofters and villagers of the Western Highlands. A chance encounter with a pilot from the Royal Flying Corps leads to fresh possiblities - setting up a new business venture and winning the heart of a crofter girl. But giving up his Jewish roots is not so simple.